Great Social last week... no photo :(

Nov 22, 2017

We had a great Prague Alumni Social last week (Nov 15th) at the restaurant of Stefan Savic '09, Polpo; thanks for hosting us all Stefan!

Unfortunately, I was so busy yacking away that I nelgected to take a photo - as did everyone else, apparently. But, if memory serves me correctly, I believe we saw the following people there (I know I'm ommitting some people - pelase excuse me):

  • Matej Zajc '89
  • Martin Blecha '04
  • Aknur Challyeva '03
  • Mila Atanasova '10
  • Peter Yusufi '08
  • William Jalloul '09
  • Natalie Madi '07
  • Suzi Weissova '15
  • Irina Ivanova '03
  • Jason Nam '07
  • Michael Bogren '10
  • Peter Bogren '10
  • Stefan Savic '09

And just for good measure, I ran into Sam Barlien '16 (in full beard mode, so took me a second) at the Kaleo concert at Lucerna last night.

Several Class Correspondents have already submitted their class notes - we'll look forward to sharing those with you in the next "Inspiration", due out before the end of December.

Best regards from Nebusice,


Clvie Watkins

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